Today he is resident at Kozzmozz, Belgium’s longest running techno party. And even though he’s part of this legendary celebration for ages, his Retro Acid Residency is in the running even longer.

Spacid is promoting promoting electronical music since the early 90’s but never ties down to one particular style. He thinks outside the box and takes you to a variety of moods.  He understands how to adapt a range of atmospheres depending on the venue, people and mood. Both his reverence for the past and his quest for innovation transpire in his work as a dj. His thirst for renewal is illuminated by his passion for music, which keeps him sharp.

Together with Dimitri Andreas, he’s Marching Machines. As producers, they’re exploring the boundaries of Electro, House, Dark disco, Italo and EBM.  Their love for electronical machine manipulation is key and has its output on labels like Correspondant, Rotten City records, Opilec-music, Why people dance, Nein and Wrong Era records.

Next to his love for music, Spacid loves green beans and koala bears. He’s feeling judge-y when he finds the time to dust off his vinyl stock and he is an avid collector of in-flight sick bags. In 2014, he won the prestigious Tuvaluan Lacemaking championship in and is also an amateur surgeon. Heule for champion.